Never Been to Arizona. Probably Never Will Now.

Just a great example of how Mexican Americans should feel about this insane shit in Arizona.


The Result of Obama's HCR

Is this the kind of radical health care we can expect now that the bill has passed?

Let's hope so!

Awesome Hospital via


Sasquatch Music Fest Posters > Life

Here are some kick-ass posters for a kick-ass music festival that I of course can't attend. Instead I'll be staring at the posters on my computer and blasting their music while crying softly. Fun times!


Goodnight Forest Moon!

Some guy named Noah Dziobecki redid Goodnight Moon and has offered it as a downloadable pdf so it can be shared with future generations. He's even got some nice instructions on how to put it all together as a real book. What a guy.



Oh My God You Guys

I could sit and look through everything on this website for hours. I have no idea who they are or why they do what they do but 9000 is (are?) awesome. I highly recommend spending forever poking around.


Super Punch: Google's products explained

Super Punch: Google's products explained

These two are pretty good and make kinda good points re: Google, but the rest of the series is a little lacking. It's only because the writing is um, exactly the same on all of them. Mix it up a little, man.